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Practice Areas

Bankruptcy, civil suits, small business representation, landlord-tenant, transactional work.

All aspects of consumer and civil representation. We have helped individuals and small businesses all over Georgia since 1998. We set up corporations and LLCs, assist in the sale or purchase of small businesses, and assist in resolving disputes. Our defensive creditor litigation section has helped hundreds of clients defend their rights against creditors suing them, sometimes without cause or legal right.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are very helpful when you get behind on a car or house and need time to catch up. Payment plans can be from 3 years up to 5 years.

Chapter 11 cases for businesses can allow your business to restructure debt and treat creditors separately, or differently. Our firm has successfully handled some high-profile Chapter 11 cases in the Marietta area.

Finally, Chapter 7 can eliminate your debt, including taxes in some cases, and get you a fresh start without a payment plan.

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